The main function of your home’s AC unit compressor is to basically compress the refrigerant gas coming from the home. It compresses this gas from low to high pressure and sends it to the condenser, which then turns it into a liquid form.

You can find your compressor and condenser on the outside of your home. Any sort of maintenance issue with the compressor will not only cause an increase in your electric bill but also a shutdown of the ac unit or lukewarm warm coming from the system.

There are a few different things you can do to detect if there is an issue with your compressor.

Things To Look Out For


No cold air coming from your AC Unit

If you notice the air that’s coming from the fan in your compressor is lukewarm or cool, then you may have a compressor that has gone bad or is worn out. You can use your hand to check the air in your compressor’s fan. This issue affects the ac units system to produce any cold air.

The Temperature in Your AC Unit Fluctuates

Be on the lookout for temperature fluctuations in your ac unit, this could be a sign of a problem with  the evaporator temperature sensor. If it sends an incorrect signal to the computer, it could cause the ac units’ temperature to fluctuate. You may notice the temperature go from cool to warm in an instant, this change also causes a stress on the compressor.

Your Electric Bill is Suddenly Higher Than Normal

Another sign that there could be something wrong with your compressor, is if you notice that your electric bill is slightly higher than normal. If you’re using your AC unit as your normally do, then your compressor could be bad and on its way out. The compressor may not be compressing the gas quite enough and decreases the efficiency of the unit. This causes the ac unit to run longer and increase your electric bill.

You Hear Unusual Sounds from Your AC Unit

Take a moment and listen to the sounds that your unit makes once you turn it on. Normally you hear the compressor and the fan running smoothly. If you hear a sort of chattering or rattling noise, this could mean that there may be something wrong, particularly with the compressor.  Just before the compressor goes out, it has a hard-start and struggling to turn on. Clicking noises can mean that your compressor motors’ mounts have failed and have loosened.

Moisture/Water is Leaking Out From Your AC Unit

Any sort of moisture that is not normal found around your HVAC system could be a sign of refrigerant is leaking out of the compressor. This poses potential health situations such as irritated eyes, headache, nausea and coughing. If this situation continues, your ac unit will cease to work because it has run dry of the chemicals that is needed to generate the cool air you desire.

Calling In The Pros

Although you may be able run a few self diagnostics yourself and have an idea of what could be wrong with your unit it’s still a good rule of thumb to call in a professional. Especially, if it’s something electrical. A trained HVAC technician needs to be called in if you suspect your compressor may be going out. It’s a very complex component of your AC and contains chemicals and electrical components.

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