You may be in the market for an AC unit for your home and find that there are different types of residential air conditioning systems. They can be small portable units that fit in your window to large industrial sizes units. Residential units often depends on certain factors such as the size of your home, existing insulation and the available space.

Window Air Conditioner

The most common type of ac units that are installed in homes or single rooms is a window air conditioner. These units are installed in a slot that’s located on the wall or through the window sill. To prevent heat from coming in and to ensure that the unit runs efficiently, the area where the opening of the wall and unit meets must be sealed tightly.

Split Air Conditioner

A split air conditioner unit is made of both an indoor and outdoor unit. The outdoor unit is placed outside a room freestanding on its own and holds the compressor, condenser and the expansion valve. The indoor unit is installed on a wall inside that keeps the evaporator, cooling coils and the cooling fan.

A split ac differs from wall ac units, because it requires a smaller hole for the connecting piping. It allows more flexibility of unit placement, since you can keep it out of sight unlike its wall counterpart. There are certain units that have its own built-in heating element that creates heat even on cold days and blows the air into a room.

Packaged Air Conditioner

You may have the need to cool more than one room in your home, perhaps you need to cool your entire house. A single-unit has all the components that a single box has, cool air is blown by a high-capacity blower through the ductwork. This set up is similar to that of a split ac unit but it has several indoor units attached to a central outdoor unit.

Seasonal & Routine Equipment Maintenance

Once you’ve chosen your desired type of AC system, it’s a good ideas to schedule routine maintenance to keep your system in good working order for longer periods of time. Our maintenance plans will help ensure the protection of your units life and it’s longevity.

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